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If you have time, we have a story…

In the early stages of my marketing career I saw a placard in an abroad study consultant office which said, “Like gears in a vehicle you need to apply the next gear to go the next level”.

This was in my mind for a very long time.After 15 years of marketing and management jobs I and my friend have started a web design and digital marketing firm in 2014 to serve SME entrepreneurs.

We were servicing various SME entrepreneurs of different domains like a generator manufacturer,restaurant, alternative medical practitioner, paint manufacturer, software product companies, hospitals, educational institutions, real estate firm, tax consultant etc.(Branding Design company)

When we had reasonable growth and was about to apply the next gear, demonetization came. Any SME entrepreneur can remember what happened to them during the demonetization and launch period of
GST. You are right. All our gear boxes were broken.

During the various meeting of SME entrepreneurs in those 20 years of time, what I have found is – SME entrepreneurs after achieving their first level of success gets stagnated and is struggling to go the next level.

The first level of success is due to their extraordinary experience in their domain and the
stagnation is because they failed to concentrate on branding and online marketing which is the new trend, which is not their domain expertise.

So being a marketing person for more than two decades we planned to help SME entrepreneurs in digital branding and marketing. More than that, branding is our passion.

Most of the SME entrepreneurs has a great commodity, but failed to mark it as a brand. This made them stagnate.
Being a brand takes time, but once a brand is established it is the next gear for the SME entrepreneur to dominate the market and achieve their next level of success.

So, to fulfill the gap me and my long time college friend who himself a successful SME entrepreneur,decided to put our passion in to action which is, to help SME entrepreneurs transform their product into a compelling and long standing brand(Branding Design company).

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To empower SME entrepreneurs to achieve higher growth and expand their market by our branding, marketing , advertising and ecommerce solutions.


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