Marketing Vs Branding. Whats the difference?

Marketing Vs Branding. What’s the difference?

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Lot of entrepreneurs find it difficult to differentiate between Marketing and Branding. So before we jump to find out the differences let’s see exactly what is Marketing and Branding.

Marketing is the set of practices that attract the customers to buy your product or services. But branding is all about promoting your values, mission, purpose of the company and make your company /service stand out of the crowd.Marketing gets you the customers for the first time but branding helps you to retain the customers and come back to you year after year.

1. Enterprise should first brand the company. Marketing comes next. Marketing is a set of campaign, sales or advertising practices which shall come only after defining the branding strategy.Marketing efforts without deciding the branding strategy would give only short term results.
2. Branding is a continuous process, marketing may be one time. Branding is a continuous process of show casing your values, purpose and mission. But marketing may be a onetime campaign or periodical.
3. Branding is building your identity but marketing is conveying your message. Marketing may be to convey a product launch or an offer. But branding helps to synchronize all the marketing ,advertising , sales and support practices to give a unique identity.
4. Marketing increases sales branding increases loyalty. Effective marketing campaigns bring more first time customers. But branding helps you to retain the new customers, improve their loyalty and make repeated customers year after year.

Marketing is the best process to achieve attention. But branding is the best way to retain their attention.If you want immediate results marketing is best. But if you want long standing results branding is the best way to achieve that.In short marketing brings short term and immediate results. But branding builds loyalty in the long term and makes sales people jobs easier.

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